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The BS Gabon Group has chosen to be a training organization accredited by many publishers and computer manufacturers worldwide.


Ref. Entitled Duration Certif
M20697-1 Installing and Setting up Windows 10 5 Days 70-697
M20697-2 Windows 10 deployment and management using Enterprise Services 5 Days 70-697
M22687 Set up Microsoft Windows 8 5 Days 70-687
M22688 Administer and maintain Windows 8.1 desktops 5 Days 70-688


Ref. Entitled Duration Certif
M40365 Windows Server Administration Fundamentals 3 Days 98-365
M40366 Networking Fundamentals 3 Days 98-366
M40367 Principles of safety 3 Days 98-367
M20740 Installing, storing and calculating with Windows Server 2016 5 days 70-740
M20741 Networking with Windows Server 2016 5 days 70-741
M20742 Identity with Windows Server 2016 5 days 70-742
M22410 Microsoft Windows Server 2012 installation and configuration 5 days 70-410
M22411 Administer Microsoft Windows Server 2012 5 days 70-411
M22413 Designing and implementing a Microsoft server infrastructure  5 days 70-413
M22414 Implementing an advanced Microsoft server infrastructure  5 days 70-414
M22412 Advanced configuration of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 services 5 days 70-412
Ref. Entitled Duration Certif
M40364 Database Fundamentals 3 Days 98-364
M20768 Development of SQL Data Models 3 Days 70-768
M20764 Administering an SQL database infrastructure 5 Days 70-764
M20765 Providing SQL databases 5 Days 70-765
M20767 Implementation of an SQL data warehouse 5 Days 70-768
M20671 Data request with Transact-SQL 5 Days 70-671
M20672 SQL database development 5 Days 70-672
M20462 Administer a Microsoft SQL Server database® 2012 / 2014 5 Days 70-462
M20461 Request Microsoft SQL Server 2012 /2014 5 Days 70-464
M20463 Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 / 2014 5 Days 70-463
Ref. Entitled Duration Certif
M20696 Administering System Center Configuration Manager and Intune 5 Days 70-696
M10748 Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, Deployment 3 Days 70-243
Ref. Entitled Duration Certif
M20341 Set up and manage a 2013 Microsoft Exchange Server email environment 5 Days 70-341
M20342 Microsoft Exchnage Server 2013 Advanced Messaging Features 5 Days 70-342
M20488 Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Basic Solutions Development 5 Days 70-488
M20489 Microsoft SharePoint Server Advanced Solutions Development 2013 5 Days 70-489
M20339-1 SharePoint 2016 Planning and Administration 5 Days 70-331
M20339-2 SharePoint 2016 Advanced Technologies 5 Days 70-332
Ref. Entitled Duration Certif
M20347 Empowerment and management of Office 365 5 Days 70-347
M20533 Implementation of Microsoft Azure infrastructure solutions 5 Days 70-533
M20535 Microsoft Azure Solution Design 5 Days 70-535
M20532 Microsoft Azure Solutions Development 5 Days 70-532
Ref. Entitled Duration Certif
M20409 Server virtualization with Windows Server Hyper-V and System Center 5 Days 74-409
Ref. Entitled Duration Certif
BSMO01 Excel Mastery 2010/2013 3 Days
BSMO02 Excel Financial 2010/2013 3 Days
BSMO03 Access Initiation 2010/2013 3 Days
BSMO04 Access Mastery 2010/2013 3 Days
BSMO05 Outlook 2010/2013 2 Days
BSMO06 PowerPoint 2010/2013 2 Days
BSMO07 Word Initiation 2010/2013 3 Days
BSMO08 Word Mastery 2010/2013 3 days


Ref. Entitled Duration Certif
CCNA – ICND 1 Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 V3.0 5 days 100-105
CCNA – ICND 2 Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 2 V3.0 5 days 200-105
CCNP – ROUTE Interconnecting Cisco IP Routing 2.0 5 days 300-101
CCNP – SWITCH Implementing Cisco IP Switched Network 2.0 5 days 300-115
Ref. Entitled Duration Certif
Security CCNA – IINS 3.0 Implementing Cisco ISO Network Security 5 days 640-554
CCNP SECURITY – SISAS Implementing Cisco Secure Access Solutions 5 days 300-208
CCNP SECURITY – SENSS Implementing Cisco Edge Network Security Solutions 5 days 300-206
CCNP SECURITY – SIMOS Implementing Cisco Secure Mobility Solutions 5 days 300-209
CCNP SECURITY – SITCS Implementing Cisco Threat Control Solutions 5 days 300-207


Ref. Entitled Duration Certif
CCNA VOICE – ICOMM V8.0 Introducing Cisco Voice and unified communications administration V 8.0 5 days 640-461
CCNPVOICE – CVOICE v8.0 Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Voice over IP and QoS v8.0 5 days 642-437
CCNPVOICE – CIPT1 v8.0 Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Part 1 v8.0 5 days 642-447
CCNPVOICE – CAPPS v8.0 Integrating Cisco Unified Communications Applications v8.0 (CAPPS v8.0)  5 days 642-467
CCNPVOICE – TVOICE v8.0 Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Communications v8.0 5 days 642-427
Ref. Entitled Duration Certif
IUWNE Implementing Unified Wireless Networking Essentials  5 days 640-721
CUWSS Conducting Cisco Unified Wireless Site Survey 1 day 642-732
IUWVN Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Voice Networks 5 days 642-742
IUWMS Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Mobility Services 5 days 642-747
IAUWS Implementing Advanced Cisco Unified Wireless Security 5 days 642-737


Ref. Entitled Duration Certif
BSVMWN VMware vSphere: What’s New[V5.5 to V6.7] 3 VCP-DCV 
BSVMICM VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage[V6.7] 5 VCP-DCV 
BSVMTW VMware vSphere: Troubleshooting Workshop[V6.7] 5 VCP-DCV 
BSVMOS VMware vSphere: Optimize – Scale[V6.7] 5 VCP-DCV 
BSVMOSPT VMware vSphere: Optimize and Scale plus Troubleshooting Fast Track[v6.7] 5 VCP-DCV 
BSVMDW VMware vSphere: Design Workshop[V6.5] 3 VCP-DCV 
BSVMSDM VMware vSAN: Deploy and Manage[V6.7] 3  
BSVMSPO VMware vSAN: Production Operations[V6.7] 2  
BSVMSRM Website Recovery Manager: Install, Configure, Manage[V6.1] 2  
Ref. Entitled Duration Certif
BSVMNSXICM VMware NSX: Install, Configure, Manage[V6.4] 5 VCP-NV 
BSVMNSXWN VMware NSX: What’s New[V6.4] 1 VCP-NV 
BSVMNSXTO VMware NSX: Troubleshooting and Operations[V6.4] 5 VCP-NV 
BSVMNSXICMPTOFT VMware NSX: Install, Configure, Manage plus Troubleshooting and Operations Fast Track[V6.4] 5 VCP-NV 
BSVMNSXTICM VMware NSX-T: Install, Configure, Manage[V2.2] 5 VCP-NV 
Ref. Entitled Duration Certif
BSVMCMASO Security Operations for the Software Defined Data Center 5 VCP-CMA
BSVMCMAVRN VMware vRealize Network Insight: Install, Configure, Manage[V3.x] 2 VCP-CMA
BSVMCMAVRAICM VMware vRealize Automation: Install, Configure, Manage[V7.3] 5 VCP-CMA
BSVMCMAVRAOE VMware vRealize Automation: Orchestration and Extensibility[V7.x] 5 VCP-CMA
BSVMCMAVROICM VMware vRealize Operations: Install, Configure, Manage[V7] 5 VCP-CMA
BSVMCMAVROA VMware vRealize Operations for Administrators[V7] 2 VCP-CMA
BSVMCMADCA Data Center Automation with vRealize Orchestrator and PowerCLI 5 VCP-CMA
Ref. Entitled Duration Certif
BSVMDTMVHWN VMware Horizon 7: What’s New[V6.x to V7.x] 3 VCP-DTM
BSVMDTMHTPO Horizon 7: Troubleshooting and Performance Optimization[V7] 5 VCP-DTM
BSVMDTMVHDW VMware Horizon 7: Design Workshop[V7] 3 VCP-DTM


Ref. Entitled Duration Certif
BSFNSE4FS FortiGate Security 5 Days NSE-4
BSFNSE4FI FortiGate Infrastructure 5 Days NSE-4
BSFNSE5FA FortiAnalyzer 5 Days NSE-5
BSFNSE5FM FortiManager 5 Days NSE-5
BSFNSE5FI FortiInsight (formerly Zonefox) 5 Days NSE-5


Ref. Entitled Duration Certif
BSVERNBU8 Veritas NetBackup 8.1.2: Administration 5 Days Vcp
BSVERBE20 Veritas Backup Exec 20.1: Administration 5 Days Vcp
BSVEREV12 Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.3: Administration 5 Days Vcp
BSVERDI6 Data Insight 6.1: Administration 4 Days Vcp
Ref. Entitled Duration Certif
BSVEECE9 Veeam Certified Engineer 3 Days VMCE
Ref. Entitled Duration Certif
BSITILNB ITIL® Foundation – Basic Level 3 Days ITIL Foundation
BSITILOSA ITIL® Intermediate Level – Skills Development (OSA) 5 Days ITIL® analysis and operational support
BSITILRCV ITIL® Intermediate Level Skills Development (RCV) 5 Days ITIL® analysis and operational support
BSITILSOA ITIL® Intermediate Level – Skills Development (SOA) 5 Days ITIL® analysis and operational support
BSITILPPO ITIL® Intermediate Level – Skills Development (PPO) 5 Days ITIL® analysis and operational support
BSITILMALC ITIL® expert level – MALC 5 Days ITIL® Life Cycle Management
BSPRINCE2F PRINCE2® Fundamental 3 Days PRINCE2® Fundamental
BSPRINCE2P PRINCE2® Practitioner 3 Days PRINCE2® Practitioner


Ref. Entitled Duration Certif
BSCEH Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) 5 Days Certified Ethical Hacker
Ref. Entitled Duration Certif
BSKESMFS Kaspersky Endpoint Security and Management. Fundamentals Skills 3 Days  

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