At BS GABON, our trainers give you personalized support when implementing your information systems and certifying training for your employees. Whether you want to ensure the proper training of users, obtain certification, improve the mastery of solutions quickly or thoroughly, ensure the conduct of change;

Our training programs meet your IT and organizational skills needs. Our experts deliver accredited content through multiple classroom learning formats, distance courses and on-demand.

BS Gabon has chosen to be a training organization accredited by many publishers and computer manufacturers worldwide. This choice guarantees you a high level of quality for all IT training courses delivered, as well as a large number of requirements that are required in fact:

  • Material equipment requirements
  • Requirements in terms of internal resources and certified instructors
  • Requirements for course support and assessment tools available to trainees

Compliance with these requirements, including the steady rise in skills of our instructors, ensures our computer training catalogue is reliable in terms of technical skills and homogeneity of the level of quality taught. The majority of the courses provided prepare for professional computer certification certificates.

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